Charitable Organization "District No. 1" was founded in 2018 as a project to gentrify the Old City - the heart of Kyiv. After beginning of Russian invasion, the project team decided to reformat it into a charitable volunteer organization that is engaged into the restoration of Kyiv, Kyiv Region and other regions of Ukraine after the de-occupation.
Our main task is to preserve cities and villages, their infrastructure, restore municipal and residential buildings in order to accelerate the return of civilians and their adaptation after the war.
Schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, cultural centers are the most important facilities that ensure the viability of any city and village.

Our main tasks


Damage assessment of objects

Garbage disposal

and dealing the consequences of military operations inside and outside of objects


Quick protection from the weather, which prevents further destruction of the object


of an architectural design for the reconstruction of an object


of the reconstruction project

Do you want to join the team, restore Kyiv and Kyiv region?

What else do we do

Targeted humanitarian assistance to sedentary

elderly, needy people in villages and cities that survived during the occupation


to city authorities for cleaning public places (streets, parks)