"We realized that we want to do our best to help people return to their normal life"

Before the full-scale war, the "District #1" project was engaged in the modernization of Reitarskaya Street - the center of Old Kyiv, but from April 10 it was transformed into a charitable foundation whose aim is - renovation of Kyiv, Kyiv region and other regions of Ukraine after occupation.
Our main task is to preserve cities and villages, their infrastructure, restore municipal buildings and residential buildings in order to accelerate the return of urban residents and their adaptation after the war.
Schools, kindergartens, medical institutions and cultural centers are the most important facilities that ensure the viability of any city and village.

History of the foundation


Before the full-scale war, the "District #1" project was engaged in the modernization of Reitarskaya Street – the center of Old Kyiv.. "We did everything to create a unified urban ecosystem in which street residents, businesses and local authorities worked together to improve the streets of the historical center of Kyiv"


Since April 10 our project has transformed into a charitable foundation. Since the beginning of the war, our co-founders Andrey Tytarenko @tit and Andrey Kopylenko @helloandrii supplied our army with medicines. During trips to the cities that suffered from hostiles, I realized how much grief and pain the occupiers had brought to our people. Then came the idea to create an organization that would rebuild the de-occupied territories, so Andrey Kopylenko proposed restarting the work of "District" and expanding the idea from one street to the whole Ukraine.


Today our team of organizers includes volunteers who have worked with us since the first weeks: supervisors, managers, designers, photographers - all these people worked side by side with shovels and rags. Now we are family that is moving towards the goal – to make the residents of Kyiv region happy in their restored houses.

Activities of the fund

Damage assessment

of objects


of destroyed objects from debris for further work


buildings to prevent destruction from weather before the start of state reconstruction


of architectural projects of further reconstruction together with architect partners


of architectural projects with a team of professional builders


of targeted humanitarian aid

Our objects

Residential: private houses, apartment buildings
Municipal: schools, kindergartens, boarding schools, post offices


Volunteering at our Charitable Foundation is free. You can donate to the Fund as you wish. Each volunteer receives:

  • hard hat
  • protective glasses
  • gloves
  • bonnet
  • respirator
  • protective suit

In addition, we provide all the necessary tools: shovels, bags, wheelbarrows, etc.
Delivery to and from the facility is provided by the Foundation. We also provide lunches.